Lucky/Radio/TV                                                                                    words/music/production

The Story:

Lucky was a beloved supermarket chain in the West. The largest radio advertiser in California for years. But their brand had gotten tired. They needed to revitalize themselves and wanted to do it with a jingle, bless their hearts. 

When I interviewed the stakeholders here's what I got. No kidding: 

Creative Director: "It's a REAL GOOD store." Executive Creative Director: "Makes you FEEL GOOD." Ad Director-Client: "Fresh ingredients so you can WHIP UP a meal." EVP Marketing - Client: "It's just a NICE place. Oh. And you have to say: "LOW PRICE"." (Now play the first jingle.)

Shoppers LOVED it! They downloaded ringtones. Requested copies from Lucky HQ. The company printed the lyrics in their newspaper ads and ran in-store contests in which kids sang the jingle and won groceries. I did the above holiday spot and seven more versions. Lucky sales volume bumped up 4% with every 8 week flight until finally Albertson's bought them and I had to find another supermarket.